Saturday, 13 April 2013

Digital leaders

Hello! This blog seems a bit abandoned at the moment so I'm going to just blog on here.
I hope everyone's had a nice break. I've been missing our digital leader meetings a little. It's sort of just a moment where you can study a computer and learn something new about it. Though I suppose I have been on my ipod and the computer quite alot. Okay thanks for reading!! :)

Friday, 8 March 2013

Digital Leaders meet.

As some of you may know, the digital leaders are going to a meet next Thursday in Norwich (I think!)
ALOT of people have been wondering, and asking what we are going to be doing. I thought instead of telling each individual I might as well  blogg about it on this new blogg that I have just found?! Any ways, me, Elise, Millie and Georgia will be travelling down to somewhere in Norwich to go to a school where ORIGINAL idea of digital leaders began! Were going to be taught by some of the original digital leaders how to use a software on the computer, which I cannot remember the name of! That is so coincidental because the song ' My name"!' came on while I was trying to think of the name!!! Anyway, were then going to teach the school how to use just what we have been taught! Eek!


YAY!!!!! I love this Idea too!! Just one question, can everyone see this blog?


Thank you mr Loome I love this idea of having a DL blog. Thank you so much we will use it well!